Rules pertaining to pets


  1. Pets are not permitted to run at large in the Ogden Falls subdivision unattended. In the event the pet is the property of a visitor visiting the owner the ultimate responsibility for the pet is the property owner.
  2. The owner of the pet is completely responsible for their animal’s actions.
  3. No pet should be outside the residents unsupervised or uncontrolled at any time and not in any common area off of their leash at anytime. If pet owner uses an in the ground tether or permanent fixed leash to secure their pet that tether or leash must be stored when not in use in a manner that prevents it from becoming a trip hazard or impairment for landscapers mowing. Note that fixed leashes or tethers should not be used in common areas and when in these areas with your pet the pet must be under your supervision and on a hand leash.
  4. Owner is responsible for cleaning up and disposing of waste created by their animal immediately.
  5. Any animal causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance shall be permanently removed from the premises upon three (3) days written notice from the Board to the owner of the Dwelling Unit containing such pet and the decision of the Board will be final. In the event the owner of the animal is visitor or renter the property owner is ultimately responsible for any damage or harm perpetrated by the animal.
  6. Property owner is responsible for the actions of pets belonging to anyone who is residing in or visiting the The cost of repairing any damages caused by a pet shall be assessed as the responsibility of the unit owner.

Enforcement – If an Owner is found to have violated personally or is otherwise liable for any violation of any provisions of the Declaration, By-Laws or Rules & Regulations of the Association, the following shall occur:

  • There will be no fine for first violation; the owner will be notified of violation, in writing.
  • The fine for the second violation will be thirty dollars ($30.00)
  • Every subsequent violation(s) will result in a fine that increases $30.00 for each violation ($60.00 for the third violation, $90.00 for the fourth, etc.).
  • Fines are in addition to the cost to repair any damages that may have resulted from the violation; fines and repair cost will be assessed to the Unit Owner’s account as Common Expense.

Any owner who has been found guilty of more than two (2) violations of the above rules should be deemed to be liable for having a pet that causes or creates a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance. Therefore, the Board after consideration of the facts and circumstances may elect to order the owner to have the pet removed permanently from the property upon three (3) days written notice to the owner from the Board or its duly authorized agent. Signed complaints must be made in writing to the Board or its agent and will be considered on a case by case basis.