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Archived Bulletins for 2016

November 13, 2016 - Ogden Falls Subdivision Parking
Effective immediately, as the resurfacing of the subdivisions streets is now complete and subdivision residents have full access to driveway and garage parking the Village of Oswego has rescinded all the exceptions made to parking rules and the standard rules are now back in effect. This means cars illegally parked in the subdivision will be ticketed and/or towed by the police at owner’s expense. In addition the Homeowners Associations rules pertaining parking of vehicles on common area or single family grass lawns are now reinstated and residents who break these rules will be fined per the enforcement provisions of the HOA rules. Thank you for your support and cooperation in compliance with these rules.

November 2, 2016 - Important issue on Schools of Subdivision

The following is a re-post of a Face Book comment that encourages all residents to get involved with the plans to change what schools the children of the Ogden Falls subdivision would be attending. This proposed change will impact the entire subdivision regardless of whether you have children going to school or not as it will more than likely have impact on your property values as it is important what district your home is located and what school potential buyers of your home attend. Potential buyers take into consideration what school their children will be attending and may choose to buy elsewhere if the schools are substandard.

If you were not able to attend the public forum boundary committee meeting tonight I would highly recommend to attend tomorrow night. It was informative and gives us all the chance to speak directly to the committee members and have an open discussion about the proposed changes that could change the elementary school for our subdivision.

The proposed changes would entirely remove any chance of the ability for our students to walk to or from school that exists today, it would... increase the everyday transportation risks for our kids by having them travel twice the distance and on much busier roads, and it would split us from our neighbors in the Highlands of Ogden Falls. Tomorrow the Public forum will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 2 at Traughber Junior High School gym (door #2).

If you are not able to attend either night you can still voice your opinion by taking the online survey that can be found at the link below. You can take the survey as many times as you would like (in case you have additional thoughts to share) and I encourage you to share with your family, friends, and other neighbors to submit their feedback as well.

The survey will remain available until NOON on Friday, November 4.

November 1, 2016 - Pond Sign Vandalism
For the third time it has become necessary to repair and reset the No Swimming No Fishing signs at the pond due to vandalism. These signs are necessary to both inform people visiting the pond as well as to protect you as members of the HOA from liability in the event of an accident. This is your subdivision and your money that is spent to repair these signs so if you see the person or persons that are committing these crimes don't hesitate to call the police and turn them in.

October 31, 2016 - Notice on Eastside subdivision road work
The HOA Master Board received the following notice today on Eastside asphalt paving. Basically those with temporary driveways will lose use of them on Wednesday morning for approximately five working days while paving is being installed if all goes well. The alternative parking that has been used in the past can still be utilized.


October 24, 2016 - FYI on Road Work

The Following notice was sent to the Board late yesterday.

      Subject:  Project Delay

      Dear Resident:

      As part of the Village's 2016 Road Program, work on the project in the Ogden Falls Subdivision
      is not progressing as quickly as anticipated at the start of construction. 

      Due to the excessive rainfall and adverse field conditions, completion of the project is now behind

      We will continue working in your area over the next few weeks and expect completion of project by
      November 18, 2016.

      The Village of Oswego greatly appreciates your cooperation in our efforts to improve your
      neighborhood streets. If you have any questions or comments, please contact David Medo,
      HR Green, phone # (630) 768-2490, [email protected], the  Resident  Engineer for the
      project or our Public Works Office at phone # (630) 554-3242.                   

10/20/2016 Planting by Pond
The Landscapers have completed the planting by the pond. These bushes and trees will eventually grow and create a wind break, improve the view of the over all area, and eventually allow the Master HOA to quit mowing the area to the west of the planted area providing some savings on landscaping.


10/16/2016 New Shade Tree . . . Someday
A new tree was planted by the bench on the west side retention pound that will eventually provide some shade for those using the bench.


10/5/2016 Very Important Notice PARKING
The Board was just informed this morning that The Village of Oswego road repair crews will be pouring curbs and driveways entry’s on the Eastside of Ogden Falls Boulevard on Waterbury Circle and Wingate Drive tomorrow 10/6/2016 which will require all those effected to vacate their driveway and parking areas by 7:00 AM tomorrow (10/6/2016 7:00 AM) and they will lose use of these driveways and parking until Monday 10/10/2016. Parking is available on the Ogden Falls Boulevard cutouts and some parking on Wingate court and you may want to consider approaching owners on unaffected streets/alleys and request to use of unoccupied space in their driveways. Please do not block anyone’s driveway or park in driveways without obtaining permission from owner first. The good news is we are nearing completion of this street repair project and hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Let’s all work with each other to get through this inconvenience together as neighbors and a community to minimize the confusion.

Clarification - Townhome parking areas are common parking areas and permission is not necessary as long as your not blocking garage door or interfering with residents traffic.

9/16/2016 Landscaping Project

The first step of the landscaping project for northeast of the pond is to kill and remove the existing grass. As you can see the area has been sprayed and soon will be landscaped and planted to be completed by the end of fall.




9/15/2016 Street repair update
The project was suspended due to soil sampling and testing that had to be performed because of engineering concerns of road base. Crews plan to be back working on repairs on Monday and will keep us appraised on completion date which we will communicate to you. 

8/31/2016 – ** ALERT ** IMPORTANT NOTICE for immediate action!
The Ogden Falls Homeowners Association Board has just been informed this morning that the Road Repair crews have to do the concrete curbs on East-Side of Waterbury NOW. They are going door to door to inform residents but finding many people not home or not answering their doors. You can park in the cutouts on Ogden Falls, at the park or in driveways across the street but do not block owners garage access. You will not have access probably until until late Friday evening at best. Move your cars immediately so they are not trapped until you are allowed to drive on freshly poured concrete.

8/30/2016 - Subdivision Walk Through
Today the Board accompanied the Nemanich Management Company on a complete walk through of the subdivision to observe condition of homes and properties. In total the subdivision looked pretty good with a few exceptions in the areas of trees and bushes needing some trimming, a few driveways that need to be replaced, and a few homes that need some trim painted. Now is the time to take care of these issues as winter will soon be upon us it will then be too late to prevent more serious damage to your property. The management company will be sending courtesy letters but I encourage everyone to look at your property take care of these things ASAP. In respect to tree trimming you should cut branches so that they are a minimum of six foot off the ground which will allow people to walk under tree without head touching branches and remove any branches that hang over street or sidewalks. If you have a driveway that needs to be replaced the going rate is about $3,000 depending on size and owner must submit a plot drawing detailing dimensions to Board that complies with Village of Oswego building codes. The street repairs are going slower than anticipated due to bad weather and engineers found that the streets were in much worse shape than originally anticipated but projection at this time is everything will all be complete by October. Thank all the residents for their efforts and work toward making the Ogden Falls subdivision a well maintained attractive community and great place to live that we can all take pride in.

8/23/2016 Street Repair Update 2

Project is moving right along but bad weather has slowed progress. The contractor is projecting completion of the Westside a week from this Friday and the Eastside in early October. Cooperation by residents on parking has been good with a few exceptions. The no parking on the streets between 7 AM and 7 PM rule will remain in effect until the repairs are completed and any vehicle illegally parked will be towed. Thank you again for your cooperation and lets work together to get this done with the least amount of confusion. 

8/18/2016 Street Repair Update

Tentatively the street resurfacing will begin on the eastside of the subdivision on Monday the 22nd. All of Wingate Drive and Wingate Court road surface will be removed as well as west side of Waterbury circle. Repair crews will provide access to driveways so you will be able to park and you will be able to park on Ogden Falls Boulevard and at the park. This schedule could change due to weather or unforeseen events – We will attempt to keep you appraised of the situation as we are unformed.

8/17/2016 Parking

The street repair on the Westside of the subdivision required a bit more work than anticipated so places to park are really hard to find. The 7am to 7pm no parking rule is still in full effect as you cannot get in the way of the street repairs. The sooner this is done the sooner things can get back to normal. Concrete repair people have put up no parking signs on one side of the street that will be in effect 24-7 until they are removed to allow traffic access to their homes. You may park on Ogden Falls Boulevard, you can find a few places at the end of dead end streets, or you may consider asking if you can park in neighbors open driveway spot. Do not block driveways or park in a manner that blocks the street as they need to be accessible to through traffic and emergency vehicles.

8/15/2016 Street Repair has Begun
DO NOT PARK ON SUBDIVISION STREETS BETWEEN 7AM and 7PM Monday Thru Friday. If you do the Village of Oswego will tow your vehicle! If you have any questions contact the Village's representative, David Medo at (630) 768-2490.

8/11/2016 Subdivision Road Repair/Replacement

You should have received a letter from Nemanich Consulting and Management in the mail and this is the notice the Board received from the Village of Oswego. Workers are scheduled to begin road construction in the Ogden Falls subdivision on Monday, August 15, 2016, weather permitting.

The following roads will be impacted:
  - Waterbury Circle
  - Wingate Court
  - Wingate Drive
  - Mandy Lane
  - Bridgeview Drive
  - Primrose Lane
  - Alex Court
  - Christian Court
  - Dylan Drive

Please note the alleys are private and are not included in this project.
- The concrete roads west of Ogden Falls Boulevard will be removed and replaced with bituminous (asphalt) pavement.
- The concrete roads west of Ogden Falls Boulevard will be patched with concrete and not replaced with bituminous pavement since the pavement is in better condition than the roads to the east.
- Crews will replace curb and sidewalk ramps in poor condition at selected locations.
- During construction, there will be large equipment and trucks in the neighborhood.  Be extra cautious during the work as the workers may not always see or hear you.  Please remind children that they should keep their distance from construction equipment and not play on the equipment.
- The contractor is permitted to work between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.  - -- The contractor may work on Saturdays in special situations.
- The contractor is scheduled to complete all work by October 14, 2016, weather permitting.
- The total contract cost is $818,888.00. Builders Paving of Hillside, IL, is the contractor.

8/9/2016 Tree Trimming

Illinois Tree Service will be trimming trees on the East side of the subdivision this morning. This should present minimal disruption to the area and some noise. Thank You for your understanding.

8/1/2016 Fertilizing and Weeding
Be aware the landscapers will be applying fertilizing and weeding lawns today (Monday) or tomorrow. Please, as a precaution take care to keep your pets from eating the grass as this could make them sick.

7/21/2016 Sidewalk and street lights Petition

The Board is almost there in obtaining enough signatures to move forward on submitting the petition to the Village of Oswego which will allow them access to our property in order to repair the Ogden Falls subdivisions sidewalks and light poles. In our door to door program we found that many homeowners were not home or available to sign and we really need around 30 more signatures to ensure we can move forward. Time is running out so if you are a homeowner that has not signed the petition please contact a Board member so we can arrange to get your signature. You can contact the Board on the webpage using the contact feature or private message one of us on Facebook and we will get back to you to set up a time and place to get your signature. If we can get this done the Village will take on the responsibility to repair these things and hopefully this will also reduce your assessment by a few dollars. Thank you for your cooperation.

7/6/2016 Tree and Brush Trimming Reminder

On July 11th there will be another free brush pick up. You may want to consider taking advantage of this opportunity to do any trimming of trees or bushes as this is the easiest as well as cheapest way to get rid of your cuttings.

7/5/2016 Pond
The pond has been treated for algae, dyed to minimize algae growth and all pumps are working fine at this time. We have one rebuilt pump on the shelf ready to replace any pump that fails and three non functioning pumps out for assessment to see if they are worth rebuilding. A reminder that there is no fishing or swimming allowed in any of the ponds and when visiting the pond please take any trash you bring with you when you leave. Also – Please assist us in helping to keep the area clean by removing any other paper cups, plastic bottles, and or waste you see to prevent it from being blown into the ponds and maintaining the area in a manor you would be proud of.

Please remember to attend the Ogden Falls Homeowners Association meeting on Wednesday June 15that 6:30 PM at the Oswego Fire Department Station #1 located at 3511 Woolley Road in Oswego. Various association issues will be discussed at this meeting with an election for five (5) positions on the Board of Directors.

6/12/2016 Brush Pick-up
A file has been added to the waste pick up page of this website detailing specifics as well as schedule for pick up of tree cuttings and yard waste. 

6/1/2016 Parking
The alley repairs are now complete in the Ogden Falls community and we can go back to normal Village parking regulations. Thank you for your cooperation during the repair.

5/28/2016 Lawn Fertilization
Be aware our landscaping company has contracted with Green Dot to fertilize the Ogden Falls subdivision lawns. Twin Oaks/GreenDrop has assured us that the material they are using poses no threat to humans or animals in its diluted state after application as prescribed by manufacturer. They have provided copy of label, Product Tech Data sheet, as well as MSDS (material safety data sheet) from the manufacturer listing primary chemicals contained, physical properties, safe handling, and exposure information of the product. A copy of this is on the Health and Safety page of this website. All this being said this is a chemical not a food and you avoid contact or ingestion by your pets of the diluted product for a reasonable period of time to allow product to be absorbed and dispersed in your lawn.   

5/25/2016 Alley Concrete Repair 
You will be pleased to hear the concrete repair in the alleys has been completed. Blockades and caution tape is still up and will remain in place for a couple of days until concrete has set up enough to be driven upon without damaging the fresh concrete. Thank you for not driving on it as this type of damage will seriously shorten the life of the new concrete and thank you for your patience for alley repairs 2016. Enjoy your summer.

5/24/2016 Pets
We have a lot of dogs in the subdivision and for the most part the owners are very thoughtful and responsible in ensuring their pets are supervised, clean up after their pet and considerate of others taking care the animal does not impose on other resident’s right to enjoy of the subdivision. Unfortunately recently the management company and the Board have received a number of complaints from residents about dogs in the subdivision that are not on leashes, not being supervised, and dog waste that is not being picked up. In addition we have recently had an incident where one of the gardeners’ was bitten by an unsupervised dog unleashed in one of a single family homes back yard. We had another incident where a tethered leash with a long metal cable surrounded by piles of dog waste was abandoned in a common area presenting a trip hazard and unpleasant opportunity to step in dog poop. The abandoned tether could have damaged lawn mowing equipment or injured one of the gardeners if run over. To make sure everyone is aware of the Ogden Falls subdivisions rules pertaining to pets we have created a page on the website stating the rules as well as penalties for noncompliance with these rules. Let’s all work together to make Ogden Falls a great place to live. Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.

5/17/2016 Reminder
The northern end of the Primrose alley will be closed to all traffic from 5/18 to 5/25 for concrete repair. Unforeseen weather conditions may affect these dates but worst case scenario all concrete work in alleys should be complete by the end of the month. 

5/10/2016 Property Management Walkthrough
On Tuesday May 10th 2016 the Management Company and members of the Homeowners Association Board conducted a walkthrough of the subdivision. The intent of these walkthroughs is to identify things that need attention and make those responsible for the property aware of any shortcomings. For the most part the subdivision looked pretty good and has improved since last year with not too many major issues found. A few driveways that need major repair or replacement, a few of the dead trees that were identified last year still need to be removed but for the most part inexpensive small issues like painting of trim and trees with low hanging branches that need to be trimmed to allow the gardeners to cut lawns safely. The management company will be sending out courtesy letters in the coming weeks that will specify shortcomings found. We know the weather has prevented most residents from taking care of these things and now that it’s nice out most of these issues will probably have been resolved before you receive a courtesy letter. The appearance of our subdivision is important to everyone and we know you realize the subdivisions appearance makes this a better place for your families to live as well as has a positive impact on your property values. Thank you for your cooperation and please join us in making Ogden Falls a place to be proud of.

5/5/2016 Streets
The Ogden Falls Subdivision Board was recently informed the Village of Oswego intends replacing all the concrete road surfaces later this year on the Eastside of Ogden Falls Boulevard with asphalt while curbs will remain in concrete.  Also later this year the concrete roadways and curbs on the West side of Ogden Falls Boulevard will undergo major repairs. The exact dates for this work have not been set as yet but the Board will keep you informed once we are made aware of any details. This significant investment and work by the village along with the repairs being done on the alleys by the Board should improve the infrastructure as well as the appearance and property values of our subdivision.

On May 4th 2016 the concrete repair of the two alleys in the subdivision will begin and all work should be complete by the end of May.

The concrete repairs will be done in the following three phases.

  • Phase 1 will be the south side of the Primrose alley and the south side of the Wingate alley beginning May 4th.
  • Phase 2 will be the north side of the Wingate alley beginning on or around May 11th and completed on or around May 18th.
  • Phase 3 of the repair will require the northern side of the Primrose alley to be closed off to all traffic beginning on or around May 18th and work should be complete and alley reopened by the end of the month.

In addition to this announcement you will be receiving a notification in the mail from the management company. The above dates are subject to change due to unforeseen weather conditions and or other problems that may arise but it is our goal to stay on schedule and complete these repairs as soon as possible.

4-26-2016 Common Area Use Agreement
- As summer will soon be upon us and the issue of use of common areas of the subdivision for large family outdoor activities may come up. Please see the COMMON AREA USE AGREEMENT section of this website for an explanation of prerequisites and rules pertaining to use as well as actual agreement that must be submitted to the Board and approved before use of these areas is permitted. 

4-22-2016 Pond -
 Soon the waterfall pumps will be installed and the gazebo/pond back in service for the enjoyment of all the residents. In preparation for this the Board had the pump pits cleaned out to remove sediment and debris that damages pumps resulting in avoidable replacement costs of pumps for the HOA members. We are encouraging all residents to not pollute the gazebo pond area with trash and be vigilant of actions that contribute to trash and debris that damage the pumps and take away from appearance of your water feature. If you see visitors trashing the area ask them to stop and make the Board aware of these polluters. Also the Board is considering having a cleanup of the area one Saturday morning made up of volunteers to pick up trash that has accumulated over the winter. If you are interested in participating please use the comments feature of this webpage to volunteer.



4/12/2016 Meeting Reminder –
OFHOA Board meeting Wednesday April 13th at 7:00 PM April 13, 2016 at the Oswego firehouse located at 3511 Woolley Road, Oswego, IL. The Board looks forward to seeing you at the Spring meeting. This meeting is open to all residents but only owners have voting privileges.

4/12/2016 Roof Damage -
The recent high winds have damaged many roofs and you need to inspect your roofs and repair as needed before you incur any interior damage.

3/26/2016 HOA Meeting Attendance -
The Board has received a number of requests to open up attendance of community Homeowners Association meetings to all residents of the subdivision including non-property owners. Non-owners would not have HOA voting privileges but would be allowed to participate in discussions as well as submit any ideas that would improve the subdivision. We would like to hear your thoughts on this matter and request that you use the webpage contact feature to comment on this request. Thank you for your participation.

3/17/2016 Mulch/Wood Chips - 
Beware of the Village of Oswego’s offer of free mulch/wood chips! This material may be contaminated with wood from ash trees removed by the village of Oswego because of Emerald Ash Borer infestation and may pose a threat to healthy trees.  These concerns have resulted in State and Federal restrictions on any transport of this wood or any of its byproducts out of the state of Illinois. As the Ogden Falls HOA just spent a large amount of money replacing Ash Borer infested tree’s we do not want to take any chances  of infesting healthy trees so we will not be using any of this mulch or wood chips and ask that the single family homeowners do not use any of this free mulch either. Thank you for your cooperation.

2/28/2016  Spring -
Soon spring will be upon us and it will be time to repair the damage done by winter, repaint any shabby trim , and replant for summer. Hopefully everyone has removed their Christmas lights and we can all get to business of making the subdivision look great.

1/14/2016  Christmas Decorations -
Hope everyone had a great holiday and now that the holidays are over please take down your Christmas lights by January 31st. Thank you for making the subdivision look good.

   Archived Bulletins for 2015 

12/17/2015  Seasons Greetings - The Ogden Falls Homeowners Association Board would like to wish all of you a happy and safe Holidays.

12/13/2015  Notice to all HOA members - Mailing labels for your assessment payments are available from Nemanich Consulting and Management upon request. As not that many use these it was decided to not mass mail labels out to everyone to avoid the waste as well as save the cost for these to members of the association. If you need these mailing labels please get them ASAP to avoid the late fee of $10 for late assessment payments. The phone number for Nemanich is (815) 609-2330 and thank you for your cooperation.

December 2015

Christmas decorations have been put up at subdivision entry at Ogden Falls pond sign.
rees planted earlier this year that died have been replaced. The replacement trees will still be under warrantee until mid 2016.

Perimeter fence in Northeastern corner of subdivision that separates Ogden Falls  from trucking company and cemetery has been repaired in hopes of extending its life for a few years.


11/22/2015  Snow removal for first snow of winter 2015 - Considering we have a number of new service providers the snow removal went well. A little confusion on the plowing of dead end streets as well as the application of salt so adjustments have been made to prevent any reoccurrence in the future. If you have any comments or suggestions to improve things please comment on the contact us section of this site or use [email protected] 

10/5/15:  A friendly reminder letter from our property manager went out 9/24/15.  The intent of this mailing was to remind owners that winter is coming and to take a look at the exterior of their homes and perform any necessary maintenance and repairs.  This would also be the the time to remove any dead trees from your property.  Please contact us with any questions you may have [email protected] 


9/19/15:   As the HOA remains responsible for our alleys concrete repairs will be taking place on the alley behind Windgate Drive from September 22 through September 30th weather permitting.  Residents directly effected by this work being done have been notified by mail. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns you may have.


5/4/2015:  The park in Churchill is availible for public use. We are allowed to utilize the recreational center, volleyball/basketball/tennis courts. You may also park in the Churchill parking lot as well. The only areas we are not allowed to use are the pool and clubhouse. 

5/4/2015: Street Update:
The alleys, street lights and the sidewalks are still  the responsibility of the HOA.

4/24/2015: Street Update: the village will be taking over the streets in the Ogden Falls community as of 12:01am May 1, 2015. At this time, the village parking ordinances will be in effect. Please visit the Village of Oswego website in the "codes and ordinances" for more information. Please note: parking on speicific sides of the street will reamain the same.

  The tree replacement project will begin this morning and will be completed as soon as possible.  Please excuse any temporary disruption this may cause.

K&D will begin spring cleaning this week, weather permitting. They will also begin mulching and fertilizing the lawns. Flags will be placed in the different ares to indicate that they have fertilized. 

3/30/2015: Holiday Parking Update:
 the no-tow schedule has been updated for the Easter holiday. We will continue to provide updates for upcoming holidays as the streets are still private and in transition. 


3/25/15 Street Update -  Board members, Ron Belec and Stephen Crawford turn over the Plat of Dedication to the village!

3/18/2015 Street Update:
  We are pleased to announce that the Village will be moving forward with the takeover of our streets! Some items to keep in mind before this is final:

  • Please continue to follow the current rules in place until this transaction is final.
  • There are still some steps to be completed and paperwork to be finalized. 
  • The two alleys here in Ogden Falls and all the street lights within those alleys will remain under the HOA and not by the Village.
  • We will continue to keep you informed with any and all updates when it comes to this.

: Street Update:  The final Plat of Dedication for the Ogden Falls street takeover has been confirmed on the 3/17/15 Village of Oswego Board meeting agenda.  At that time, the villiage board will vote to approve the take over of our streets. See link to agenda below. Section E, Item 6. This is an open meeting and all can attend.  Fingers crossed everyone!
3/6/15 Street Update:  All requested paperwork for the street dedication has been completed and submitted to the Village of Oswego.

2/4/2015 Street Update:
several board members attended the Oswego Plan Commission meeting this evening. The plat of dedication for Odgen Falls streets was on the agenda. After some discussion, the commissioners voted to move forward with the take over of our streets. As more details are revealed during this process, we will continue to provide those updates. We are one step closer to our goal!

the Ogden Falls website is currently undergoing updates and helpful additions. During this process you may notice some changes or a few pages may have some incomplete information. Please be patient while we work towards a new and improved neighborhood website. 

1/26/2015- the HOA website is experiencing unexpected technical difficulties. The Board are aware and working with our provider to correct the situation.