Rules, Barbecue and Fire Pit

The following rules are intended to inform all residents of existing rules of the subdivision as well as prevent any injury or property loss. Enjoy your barbeque and/or fire pit and please operate it in a safe considerate manner to avoid injury or disturbing other residents of Ogden Falls. Thank You for your cooperation.

Rules pertaining to the safe use of home barbeques and recreational fire pits within the subdivision

  1. Wind conditions should not exceed ten (10) miles per hour for safe operation of barbeque/fire pit. At no time should the barbeque/fire pit have a fire that is more than three foot in diameter and/or more than two foot in height.
  2. Portable barbeque or fire pit must be constructed of metal and be placed on a flat level solid surface. Non-propane or natural gas barbeques or fire pit must be placed on a non-flammable surface (block, brick, concrete, or steel). In the ground permanent permitted structures are not allowed in the subdivision.  
  3. Cannot operate within 10’ of any burnable object or structure. Examples: house, car, garage, tree, bush, shrub, etceteras. Never operate units within the home, in a garage, under eaves of roof, or under any covered area.
  4. Recreational fire pits or home barbeques should only be operated at reasonable times that take into consideration the rights of property enjoyment of others in the subdivision. Smoke, odors, and flames from your fire pit or barbeque should not be a irritant for your neighbors . . .
  5. Operation of your barbeque or fire pit must be controlled and supervised by an adult with adequate fire suppression devices (garden hose or fire extinguisher) immediately available.
  6. Care must be taken to ensure smoldering hot coals or wood is completely extinguished before disposing in trash. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THESE MATERIALS ON THE GROUND! Carbon waste from barbeque or fire pit should be bagged for disposal before putting in trash and not put in trash loose as a common courtesy to avoid problems for trash pickup personnel.


The burning of brush, shrubs, vines, leaves, branches, stumps, logs, or similar materials is not permitted at anytime within the Ogden Falls subdivision.