The Pond pumps are all up and running with Gazebo repaired for the 2017 season. Enjoy!

8-3-2016 Pump Replacement
The Board replaced the inoperative pump on the North side of the upper decorative pond. We have a silt/sediment problem in this pond that we are looking into possible solutions. We believe this may be the result of years of buildup from transfer of contaminated water from main pond causing the silt/sediment issue. We will let you know when we have some answers.

6-1-2016 Pond Experiment
As you can see in the below picture of the upper pond has material floating on the surface and the water is very blue. The floating material is the result of treating the pond to kill off algae and the water has been dyed blue to block the sun a bit to help slow the growth of new algae. The miniature golf course look of the upper pond will go away as the dye disperses in the water and all the floating debris will go away as it breaks up as well as is skimmed off. Another issue not related to algae and dye is the excessive trash that ends up in and around the upper pond. We believe a lot of this is deposited by people who have walked over to the gas station/mini-market and stop by the pond on the way back thoughtlessly throwing empty cups and trash on the ground eventually polluting the pond. We request your help in preventing this by not throwing trash on the ground and asking anyone you see doing it to stop. Thank you for your cooperation. 


4-25-2016 Waterfalls started
Gazebo pond pumps installed and waterfalls turned back on for the 2016 season. 

 4-22-2016 Pond Update 
Soon the waterfall pumps will be installed and the gazebo/pond back in service for the enjoyment of all the residents. In preparation for this the Board had the pump pits cleaned out to remove sediment and debris that damages pumps resulting in avoidable replacement costs of pumps for the HOA members. We are encouraging all residents to not pollute the gazebo pond area with trash and be vigilant of actions that contribute to trash and debris that damage the pumps and take away from appearance of your water feature. If you see visitors trashing the area ask them to stop and make the Board aware of these polluters. Also the Board is considering having a cleanup of the area one Saturday morning made up of volunteers to pick up trash that has accumulated over the winter. If you are interested in participating please use the comments feature of this webpage to volunteer.



10/20/15 - Winter Shutdown 
The pond pumps have been removed and placed in storage for the winter months. They will be reinstalled in April 2016 weather permitting.

9/17/15 - Update
West side replacement gazebo waterfall pump has arrived and we received credit for the defective returned pump.  North end entry small pump is kicking off possibly due to a silt problem.  As all pumps are due to be removed for winter storage soon we will not install new pump or do pond repairs until spring.  We have gathered up all nonworking old pumps and plan to service/repair them to establish an inventory of back up pumps to avoid shut downs of the waterfall in the future.

8/12/15 - Update 
The West side gazebo waterfall pump is inoperable and is being repaired at this time.  Work is underway to establish an inventory of back up pumps. 
The waterfall timers are set to run from dawn to dusk.  Pond lights run on photo sensors and turn on when they detect darkness.