Driveway Replacement

The following is a clarification and update of the existing rules pertaining to driveways and walkways in the Ogden Falls Subdivision as well as the Village of Oswego.



Material – Concrete only NO ASPHALT/BLACKTOP PERMITTED except in eastside townhome condominium areas as approved by HOA Board. Subdivision single family home driveways must be concrete.


Size – width, min. 10’, max. 20’ with maximum of 3’ flares on each side (Maximum width of 26’ with flares at the street). Note that most of the existing single family home driveways in the subdivision are currently 16’ wide with only a 9” flare. Replacement of existing driveway can be considered using the above guideline but property lines, location of utilities, etcetera will ultimately be taken into consideration by the HOA Board as well as Village of Oswego to approve project. NOTE: Village of Oswego Building Department has a permit titled “General Instruction for Driveways & Auxiliary Area” that must be submitted to Village for permit.



Permanent concrete walkways must comply with Oswego building department permitting process as well as receive HOA board approval.


Approval Process

Property owner must submit a request to replace or modify driveway with plot plan first to the HOA Board (submit request to Nemanich Consulting and Management) for approval and once approved by Board owner or contractor must submit filled out permit application to Village of Oswego (permit application and instructions are available on building department website). The contractor must be registered with the Village of Oswego and the Village permit for approximate $3,000 driveway will cost approximately $96. Failure to obtain HOA approval and/or Village of Oswego building permit can result in fines and/or costly and unnecessary modifications or even removal of the non-complying driveway.